Chrome – How to clean cache, cookies and local storage for a specific domain

And here is one more post from the special series: “How it could be so simple?”. Actually, this is the first one, but such situations are so common in my routine that I will start to write more about this.

What inspired me to write this article, despite the hint, is how I found the solution. I had to clean cache, cookies and local databases from a specific domain on Chrome, of course, keeping other domains untouched. After 1 minute looking at Chrome config page, I quit and went to the web for some research. After another minute, I’ve found incredible forum posts, even in stackexchange, from guys asking for extensions to do it. Wait a minute. Is that a kind of basic goal too hard to reach?

I’ve stopped, think and… voilá! It’s a quite simple fellows:

On the page you want to clean cache, click right mouse button on a “free area” and select the “View page info” option.

View page info

On the options’ screen, select the “Show cookies and site data”:

Show cookies and site data

And then you might see this:

Cookies set by this page

On this screen, you can access to all domain data, from cookies to websql storage. Easy!

And all this happened just because I had to erase a simple local sqlite on my ripple emulator. 🙂