As the saying goes, when you copy from some author, it’s a plagiarism. When you copy from many authors, it’s a research. I wish to ask you when you decide do copy one of my contents, do it, but don’t forget to mention the original author and the link reference..

This is a blog like any other, but, I dare that is not the case. Why? Because what make it so different from the other are… you! You, dear visitors, who gave to me the chance to share my ideas and my experience, based on all I’ve learnt from the communities in the web. My main approach is to share simple ideas and experiences which could make our day by day more and more easy, while handling this amazing (sometimes, fuzzy) world of computing.

It is not my intent to change the world, but I think you and me can help a small piece of it.

I hope you enjoy the moment. Stay tuned for more content!

Tomás Vásquez

Tecnologia e Programação

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