Hi guys,

I love this blog, but, despite this is a huge place to share content, it isn’t the best place to have discussions, answer questions and of course, let you share your own ideas about this blog articles. For this, I’ve published a fórum, aiming to give support for all of mentioned above.

Of course, as you can publish anything you want (but be gentle, ok?) new subjects can be created and discussed. The best of all is, not only me can help, but all community can do it! And I invite you to make part of this forum, helping other users, as others have helped us once.

Welcome and let’s do it!


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One thought on “Forum”

  1. Prezados, boa tarde,

    Estou tentando executar uma função VBA que preencha um formulário WEB,

    Já consegui fazer com que a função abra a pagina onde está o formulário, mas no momento do preenchimento ele me retorna um erro:


    Sub Abrepagina()

    Dim ie As Object
    Set ie = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”)

    ie.Navigate “”

    Do While ie.busy

    ie.document.getElementByname (“q”).Value = “1099403”

    ie.Visible = True

    Set ie = Nothing

    End Sub

    O erro é:

    O método ‘Document’ do objeto ‘IWebBrowser2’ Falhou.

    Por favor poderiam me ajudar a identificar o erro e eocnorarar uma saida.

    Muito Obrigado

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