About English

This blog exists since 2008, when I decided to share everything that I’ve learnt from internet by my own words.

This page is a trying to explain, why do I’ve started to write in English language? As you might noticed, this is a brazilian blog (.br). I have a couple of answers to this question:

First, at the moment I write this text, I’m a english student. So, as a way to put all my english skills in practice, I’ve started to translate the existing content, starting with the most accessed, due to obvious reasons. Every new post will be translated too. So, please, be patient! Remember that I am still a student. You will probably see some grammatical, perhaps even awful mistakes. I take the moment to anticipate my apologies for these errors.

Second, translate these content is the best way to make it reach more and more people, who I believe tha could enjoy this content. Obviously, is also a way to present this website to the entire world with no limits! 🙂

That’s all! Now, go to enjoy the content, if it was already translated, of course! I promise that I will do my best to translate all content as soon as I can.

Let’s code!

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